Mafia Multiplayer Death Race

What is be possible:
Two cars are placed randomly in the City at night to chase each other. Every player controls his own car and tries to find the other. Compass and city map will help. If the cars are close enough the control “jump” is unlocked and the quickest will blow up the other.

What you need:
- Mafia Game, Version 1.0 -> Important for hidden racing menues
- MafiaDataXTractor
- 2 connected PC
- bgMMR, to open the hidden Menues
- Installer DRace.exe

Install (on each PC):
- Install Mafia Game, Version 1.0
- Extract folder “missions” (MafiaDataXTractor)
- Execute DRace.exe

How to open the hidden menus and how to play:

Installer and guide
Race menu opener